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Let Me Help You Tell Your Wedding Story...

You've gotten engaged, you've set your date, you've booked your venue and now you're looking for your wedding photographer.


There are so many amazing and talented wedding photographers in the Cleveland area! I hope that in your wedding planning journey you find your perfect wedding photographer match.

Your wedding photographer is one of the few vendors you will hire that will spend almost your entire wedding day with you, after careful consideration, choose wisely. You truly have to be able to communicate and get along well with your photographer.

I love wedding days and I love every bride and groom I've worked with. I enjoy making you laugh when you're super nervous and calming you down when it's almost time to walk down the aisle. I carry a granola bar with me and I'm willing to share (most of the time). 

I want to help you make sure your wedding day goes by smoothly and keep you on track. I want to be able to capture all those small moments you might not see. I want to be sure that you have photographs of one of the most important days of your life that you love and cherish.

I truly believe that your investment in your wedding photography is not just for you. It's for your future family. Your future son or daughter, niece or nephew will hold your wedding album one day and be able to really get a strong sense of what your wedding day was like. 

I want your wedding photographs to grace the walls of your first home, and fill the space with love and joy. I want you to walk by the big canvas in your living room and be able to remember just how beautiful your day was, how fresh and sweet your bouquet smelled and how that sun felt shining on your face.

I know the wedding planning journey is long and stressful. I've been there (before there was Pinterest!). Your wedding photographer decision is a big one, because at the end of the day, the cake will be eaten, your flowers will wilt, and those centerpieces will go home with someone or be recycled. Your wedding photos are going to tell the story of your day. I'd love to be the one you trust with your most precious memories.

I'd love to hear more about your love story and your wedding. Reach out to me HERE and I'll be sure to get back to you soon!

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