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Wedding Heirlooms

I'm a huge believer in making sure your memories and photos all live on in print form. 

You don't ever realize how much photos mean to you until they are the only thing you have to remember someone or something. I believe your wedding photos need to live in the physical world in the form of prints and albums. They should be touched, passed around and enjoyed for years to come. 

Photographs are made, not to live in your phones, your computers or the cloud. They're made to be printed and to have a physical place in your home.

The albums I have chosen to offer my clients are some of the best out there. My professional print lab is based out of Portugal and has some of the most amazing photo albums you've seen. 

Wedding albums are all designed by me. I don't expect my clients to go through their 600 wedding photos and pick their favorite 80-100 images for their wedding album. That's like asking a mom who her favorite child's too hard to pick!

I will personally design your wedding album and send over a proof of the layout for you and your husband/wife to approve. Any changes at all that you want to make, just tell me! My proofing software makes it super easy to make comments on the album spreads and I am notified instantly when a comment is made. 

Heirloom print boxes are another amazing way to keep your wedding day memories available to share. These luxurious boxes look great on shelves and coffee tables and are easy to bring out to show your guests.

The prints are mounted on single weight matboard and printed on beautiful pearl paper that is of Archival quality. These prints are made to last up to 100 years in a regular home environment or up to 200 years if kept in dark storage.