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  • Brenda Mitchell

Personal Branding Session for Podcast

I had such a fun time at Erin's house for her branding session. She used to be an elementary school teacher and now she creates content for other teachers to use in their classrooms. She's also starting a podcast all about teaching other creators how to sell their content. Her office is such a calm space. We had a lot of fun using different rooms in her house for her session and believe it or not we accomplished ALL these photos in just ONE hour!

She was super prepared with props, outfits and ideas for photos she knew she wanted. We even had a checklist to go off of to make sure we didn't miss any photos she really wanted to have.

Her brand colors are teal, red & yellow and there were the perfect amount of props in those colors to make her whole session feel cohesive.

Can't wait to see how these photos will be used on her website, her social media and her podcast cover photo!

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