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  • Brenda Mitchell

Lauryn-Ashley and Desmond's Kent State University Engagement Session

Lauryn-Ashley and Des met at Kent State, so it made perfect sense for us to meet there for their engagement session. We walked around campus while they reminisced about their time there. We talked about how hard it was to plan a wedding when one of you isn't in the same state and especially when so many big events are happening all around the same time. Des was living in Florida while Lauryn-Ashley was here in Ohio and their wedding was at the Akron Art Museum, so planning the wedding wasn't the easiest thing but they made it work.

We had such a nice time walking around and taking photos in important spots. I loved having the time to just walk and pick spots to photograph them in. It made for such a chill engagement session. I hope you enjoy this peek at their Kent State Engagement session.

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