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  • Brenda Mitchell

Allison & Colin's Fall Engagement Session

We spent such a nice Fall Sunday afternoon with Allison and Colin for their engagement session. It rained earlier in the day and the rest of the afternoon was kind of grey (as per usual for Fall in Cleveland). But we had the best fall colors and took full advantage by going to Garfield Heights Park. I've talked a bit about this park in some of my instagram posts. It's a gorgeous park with lots of good spots for photos (including the really pretty rock bridge and lots of wildlife. We actually had to stop for a ton of wild turkey to cross the road when we were on our way to meet Allison and Colin. The other really great thing about this park is that it is NEVER busy. Usually there are a few joggers and hikers. But never any other photographers which is amazing because every other metropark is crawling with photographers on any given day.

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