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  • Brenda Mitchell

A Beautiful Wedding at the Cleveland Zoo

Jess and Brady's wedding at Stillwater Place located in the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was nothing short of a wonderful time. Their wedding also just happened to coincide with one of my favorite events at the zoo! The Asian Lantern Festival! So, of course, we took some time to get photos with the amazing lanterns. A common thread throughout their wedding day was joy. I know that may sound cliche but there were so many amazing people that joined them on their wedding day that were so truly grateful to be there celebrating their love. From FaceTiming with one of her aunts after she got in her wedding gown. to the speech that her dad gave before dinner making sure everyone in the room was crying, small moments throughout their entire day were all filled with so much joy and love.

If you've never been to Stillwater Place for an event you're missing out. Their ballroom is very spacious with some great light. They have a private outdoor patio area overlooking the pond area of the zoo that is perfect for cocktail hour and late night chats. The staff was amazing the whole time and we were so grateful for them. Especially when we wanted to recreate a photo of Jess and her dad on the carousel and taking us all the way to the cherry blossom lantern for photos in the golf cart so we didn't have to walk through the crowd of people!

Their wedding day was fun and easy going from getting ready to dancing. We had such a nice day with them and their families that by the end of it we felt as if we were part of their family. (& that is just the BEST feeling!) Can't wait to see where your marriage takes you Jess & Brady!

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