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  • Brenda Mitchell

Romantic Engagement Session at Coe Lake Park - Jess & Brady

fiances laughing in the woods for an engagement session
engagement session coe lake berea ohio

Marcus and I met Jess and Brady at Coe Lake Park for their engagement session on a gorgeous, cloudy Sunday evening. Coe Lake Park has so many amazing little paths and nooks to do photos. I've never been there before and honestly, I'm a little mad it took me so long to do a session here. It was the perfect spot for us to explore and get to know Jess and Brady a little more.

Brady was actually enjoying the whole process of posing and even had suggestions for poses he wanted to try! It was like a breath of fresh air because usually the groom is the one just hoping for the session to be over.

We explored quite a bit. There is this great pathway over to the lagoon area that is amazing! Jess's kimono was blending in beautifully with all the green surrounding us. & the light colored rocks along the path added just the right amount of light to the green contrast.

There is even a great bridge with awesome light posts (which I favorite light posts are still the ones at Wade Oval though) where we practiced their dip & kiss!

After exploring the park for a while and stopping to say hello to a golden lab pup named Bailey a few times, we made our way over to Main Street Berea for a change of scenery. We were only able to shoot for 10 minutes tops and in the first few it started to rain! But we didn't mind. Hope you enjoy checking out some photos from their session!

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