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  • Brenda Mitchell

Personal Branding Session at the Museum of Art in Cleveland Ohio

I got to photograph Alayna with Cleveland Natural Birth last year for her branding session and I realized I never blogged her session.

Alayna is a birth educator here in Cleveland and has so many amazing great resources for moms to be in Cleveland. Like most branding sessions, she was nervous about being in front of the camera. And I totally get that! If you're not used to having photos taken or better yet try to avoid being in photos with everything you have...a personal branding session can be so overwhelming.

The best way I've learned for my clients to feel at ease is to just chat about their business and what they do. This is why I love branding sessions so much. I get to photograph amazing people while learning all about what they do. And they relax by chatting about their passion. If you ever want to see someone at their most genuine, ask them to talk about what they love to do. There is such a passion behind their eyes and the way their faces light up when you're talking about what they do.

The first 20 minutes or so in a session are usually what I like to call "warm up time". Time for you to warm up to me and my camera. And time for me to warm up with you!

Here are a few favorites from her session at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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