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Cait & Zac's Cleveland Cultural Gardens Engagement Session

Cait & Zac are getting married next September and from the first few minutes of meeting them at our wedding consultation I knew we would get along super easily! They are both so easy-going and sarcastic and funny. We had a great time chatting with them for well over an hour all about their wedding day and what their plans were looking like so far. I left the consultation excited for the opportunity to work with them and hoping they felt the same way. It was merely a few hours after our consult when they decided to go ahead and book me for their wedding and I was super happy about it!

They brought their dog Winston to their engagement session (and he's going to be a part of the wedding day too!) and we were able to get a few good shots with him before we had to have him go wait in the car with Cait and Zac's friend. He's a big, muscley boy and he loves to he wasn't being super cooperative about staying put. (But....I can't blame him! He was surrounded by new people, in a new place with TONS of new smells...I get it, Winston!)

I had my friend Josie come with me to the session to lend a hand. She was super helpful carrying all of our stuff and hiding behind Zac & Cait with my off-camera flash to add some interesting lighting elements to their engagement session. Marcus would usually tag along and be my assistant and light holder but we had recently moved our kiddo's swim classes to the same night that I was going to be photographing Zac and Cait's engagement session at the Cultural Gardens in Cleveland and I didn't want him to miss class. (He recently graduated and is now in class ALL BY HIMSELF! I'm so proud!)

Anywho! after we walked around the cultural gardens for a bit we decided to make our way over to Mitchell's Ice Cream in Ohio City for the rest of their session. We met inside Mitchell's and Cait & Zac enjoyed a quick scoop of ice cream before we walked around Ohio City for a bit.

I knew we had to go to the cute alleyway across from The West Side Market because it's adorable and it was the perfect time to go. It was just starting to be blue hour (right after gold hour when it's awesome and blue) and that alley makes for some amazing night time shots. We had some fun with off camera flash again here and Zac and Cait were such troopers.

All in all we had such a nice time with them during their engagement session. & you bet your ass I edited a ton of their photos as soon as I got home (sorrynotsorry).

I'm super excited Marcus and I get to document their wedding day next September and Cait and I decided that we really need to see each other before their wedding day because we enjoyed their company too much to have to wait almost a year to see each other again. I also really wanna know how their fallen tree saga is going to end up! (The tree in their backyard fell on their house when we were having those crazy storms a few weeks ago!)

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