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  • Brenda Mitchell

Top 5 Reasons You Need Professional Photos For Your Business

I absolutely LOVE branding session. I enjoy getting to know local business owners and professionals during their session. Learning about them, their business and their goals. And I truly enjoy watching them succeed. Which is one of the main reasons I started doing branding sessions. I love local business owners that are ready to make their social media presence cohesive and professional. I want to make it easy for you to be able to share your authentic self to your target market and get them to know you.

But when your online presence does not look professional or cohesive, there is a disconnect in what you're telling your clients and potential clients. I take my business seriously...but I don't take myself seriously. Don't fall into the "eventually I will get a good photo of myself to share on my website's 'about me' page" or the "I'll just get someone to take a good photo of me on my phone and use that" mentality.

So here are 5 quick reasons you and your business need a professional branding session.

Reason Number ONE: Using selfies on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and your LinkedIn page is NOT professional!

This just screams "I'm not a professional". You don't want to come off that way to any potential client.

Reason Number TWO: Your ideal client will take you more seriously if you've got professional photos.

When you're browsing websites of a potential business you might hire what do you look for? A professional, easy to use website with a clear message and clear, bright pictures. Not just of the products or services being offer, but also of the business owner. People are more likely to connect with you and your business if they can put a face to the person they will be doing business with.

Reason Number THREE: Your brand message will be cohesive and on point.

Nothing says "I have no clue what I'm doing" more than having inconsistent imagery across all platforms. A good branding session can provide the ability for your business to stand out by having great photos to share across any platform.

Reason Number FOUR: It's YOUR chance to let your ideal client know about you.

Potential clients don't just want to know about your services and what you can do for them. They also want to know YOU. The person behind the business, service or product. Being able to use photos that represent not only you but your business is the best way to start a relationship with your clients. Open up, let them know more about you, your passions and what got you where you are today. If you just LOVE the coffee shop down the street and go to it at least once a week to get some work done...then let's go do some photos there! If you have a ritual of grabbing an ice cream cone after client consultations, take me there!

Reason Number FIVE: You will have consistent content to share on social media!

Think about your branding session as a way to plan out your content. We will get plenty of content for you to be able to share multiple times a week. When you're thinking about planning your session feel free to reach out and ask for advice!

Think about what you'll bring to the session and what locations you want to go to. Multiple outfit changes always helps to have more options for you to share later on.

At the end of the day, your branding session is all about you and your business. You're going to shine through in your images and your potential clients will be able to relate with you. And better yet....they will want to hire you, pay for your product or services. (And probably want to be your friend!)

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