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  • Brenda Mitchell

We're Married...Now What?

You did it! You got married and I'm sure Marcus was a dancing goof at your reception. We got some awesome shots of your guests, your details, your bridal party, your family, your venue and most importantly you. what happens?

Well...check out our Facebook page because we have a sneak peek available within 24 hours of your wedding (& if I'm being's usually within a few hours of us getting home from your wedding because I just can't help it). Also, check out our IG Stories because I love posting a few on there too. If you follow/like both FB and IG, I will do my best to "tag" you in both but sometimes tagging can be finicky depending on what your privacy settings are like.

So, now (after you've shared the sneak peek post and gushed about how awesome we were ::wink wink:: and how amazing your wedding day was)...go enjoy your honeymoon (or being blissful, happy newlyweds)! I will be diligently working on editing your marvelous wedding day. The turn around of your complete wedding gallery is 4-6 weeks from your wedding day.

Once you get your wedding gallery link, you can share that link with your family, friends and guests to look through your wedding day. There is even a built in store with the gallery that allows them to order prints if they want to! (You ALREADY know that Grandma, Mom and Aunt Susie are going to order, make it easy for them!)

If you've been thinking about adding on an album, now is the time to do it! And, you know what? It's super easy...shoot me an e-mail and let me know. I will send you the different album options for you to pick from and once you pick, I'll start designing your album. The great thing about me designing your album is that you don't have to take the time to sit through your entire wedding gallery and pick 80-100 images to use. It can be so daunting to pick your faves, so leave it up to me. Don't worry! I will be sending you a mock up of your album pages and you will get the final say in the design.

Once you've put your final seal of approval on your design, I'll send it off to my trusty professional lab for them to print!

If you've decided at this time that you'd like to print some 11x14's or maybe even some 16x20 or 20x24 canvases...let's get them ordered! I want your house to be covered in your favorite wedding photos and I totally don't want you to wait 3 years to do that. Because, listen, I know how hard it is to find the time to sit down, pick some photos and get them ordered. Don't let those gorgeous photos sit in your laptop, or your phone, or your cloud. PRINT THEM!

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