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  • Brenda Mitchell

Should I Have a First Look?

To have a first look or not? This is one of the decisions of the day that my couples (and most couples) have to make about their wedding days. And in a lot of cases, it's a decision that will really impact your photographer and the quality of images you'll be receiving. There are 101 reasons why you should think about incorporating a first look into your wedding day, but I'll share my top three.

1. You get to have some alone time with your spouse!

There are very few moments during your wedding day when you'll be alone with just your spouse. You're going to be getting ready with your bridal party or your family, you're going to be a gracious host and say hello and chit chat with everyone who attended. So why not take some time for just you two?

2. It helps create more chances for photos!

If you're having a short ceremony quickly followed by a cocktail hour, it doesn't leave much time for photos of the bridal party or photos of just you two! If you're having your ceremony at one location and your cocktail hour and reception are at a totally different venue and it starts soon after the ceremony won't have time to do photos and be able to enjoy your cocktail hour as well.

3. It helps calm your nerves

The day is here, you've spent all morning prepping and getting ready. You're worried about everything going right and everyone being where they need to be. You probably have a knot in your stomach because you're so excited but you're also super nervous. Having some one on one time with your future husband or wife is JUST what the doctor ordered for pre-wedding jitters. Seeing each other before the ceremony can really help you catch your breath and take the day a little slower.

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