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  • Brenda Mitchell

Christie & Sean's Michaud's Wedding in Strongsville Ohio

Christie was one of the most chill brides I think I have ever met. We met up with her while she was lounging and getting ready for her big day at her hotel. She was sipping on some champagne and having some cheese and just as relaxed as she could be. We got some great getting ready shots with her in the hotel bathroom because she decided she was going to do her own make up. So there we were, all 3 of us crammed into the small hotel bathroom while she attempted to recreate the look that she wanted to have. She did an awesome job with those lashes and make up and we had a few good laughs (mostly at me because I was in the shower for the majority of the time).

We headed over to Michaud's in Strongsville where the ceremony and the reception were going to be held. The ceremony was in front of the adorable gazebo in the courtyard. We found Sean hanging around the reception area making sure everything was going to plan and decided to steal him for a few moments to snap a few portraits of just him. He looked so dapper in his gray suit! Sean's friend was the officiant for their ceremony so it was full of jokes (mostly at Sean's expense) and some heartfelt readings. They ended their ceremony with an Irish tradition of binding their hands together with a knot which was done by Sean's brother.

There were some absolutely gorgeous fall colors in the courtyard and we took full advantage of them for their portraits! I'm so glad we had such a gorgeous and vibrant fall here in Ohio this year.

The reception was so much fun! They did the shoe game which was hilarious to watch, Christie's dad had a tear jerking speech and there was A LOT of dancing!

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