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  • Brenda Mitchell

The Gentlemen of West Park Barber Shop Premier Lounge

I've always enjoyed going to the salon or barber shop with my husband when he gets his haircut. Mostly, because I need to approve of his final hair style. We found the perfect barber shop a little after moving to Cleveland and Marcus has been going to see Travis Hobbs ever since then.

West Park Barber Shop is pretty unique. The owner, Patrick Loyal, actually owns the original barber shop, West Park Salon and the new West Park Barber Shop Premier Lounge. The gentlemen there are offering some amazing services and are always packed. I decided to ask Travis if it was ok with them for me to come in one day and take some photos. Travis was nothing but welcoming and excited about the opportunity.

So, as my husband got his hair cut and beard trim, I got to meet with the guys and get a mini facial (they have these amazing masks that completely clear up your blackheads) as I photographed them doing what they do best.

Psst, that's my handsome hubs!

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