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tammy london photography

Hi There!

I'm Brenda Mitchell & I'm the photographer behind

Me and the Moon Photography.

My own wedding was ELEVEN years ago now, and the number one thing I regret was not hiring a wedding photographer. I was only 20 when Marcus and I got married and we paid for the bulk of our wedding ourselves on our very limited budget. I still wish we would have valued photography as much as we do now. I'm hoping that I can help keep you from making the same mistake.


Aside from being married for 11 years now, we have been together for 13 and have one awesome little boy named Matteo. He's 5! We also have 2 crazy dogs and 1 very cool black chicken named Hamilton. We spent the majority of our married life in Oklahoma and moved to Cleveland in 2015. We purchased our first home in Parma in 2017 and fall in love with it more every day. Our nights are spent re-watching The Office and drinking decaf. We have a VERY exciting nightlife, y'all. 


Marcus is now my second shooter and is usually always with me on wedding days and engagement sessions. It has been a blast getting to work with my best friend. And I know that's totally dorky, but we really are best friends first and spouses second. There's no one else I would rather spend my free time with. Unless of course you're John Krasinski, but don't tell Marcus that.

As cliche as it sounds, my love for photography started a long time ago in my high school's black & white film photography class. I can spend hours in a dark room developing my film, making contact sheets and meticulously working on making one photo turn out perfect. I truly think that learning on a film camera has made me a better and more patient photographer. I'm hoping to get back into film photography sometime this year.

My philosophy when it comes to photography is to keep the moment simple, fun and classic. I am a lover of classic and clean editing, gorgeous details and amazing moments. I love being able to be a part of so many wonderful clients' special days. I promise to share my gum and snacks with you when you're getting hangry. I also promise to hold your phone, keys and wallet when you forget to leave them in your hotel room.

Enough about me though...I want to know about you!

Photo by: Tammy London Photography

cleveland headshots

This is Marcus, my husband, second shooter, bag holder, light holder, best friend and Star Wars nerd.

He enjoys listening to podcasts, fighting with lightsabers with our toddler outside and eating spicy salsa.

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